We are Farnam Street Investments.

Our Core Principles

Farnam Street Investments is guided by the following ideas:

1. Do the work on your desk.

Charlie Munger once remarked, “The best source of new work is the work on your desk.”  His point being, if you do quality work, the clients will come.  We show our clients how much we care with every interaction.  Whether it is investing their assets with a proven, value-driven framework, helping plan their financial future, or providing thought leadership through our writing, our first concentration is delivering massive value for the clients we have today.

2.  Continual improvement.

Investing is a cumulative sport and we’re conscientious about getting better every day. Outsized returns spring from the compounding knowledge of continual improvement.  Much of Warren and Charlie’s success has flowed from allowing ample time to just sit, read, and think.  That time will always be carved out as sacred for us.

3.  Think independently.

Our approach isn’t for everyone.  Being a contrarian is easier said than done, and most prefer the safety of the crowd.  That’s OK, but it will never be us.  We scour the world for attractive risk-reward investment opportunities.  The market doesn’t tell us what something is worth – our research does.  This allows us to take advantage of the market’s mood swings.  In our view, these irrationalities create the opportunity that most miss while following the herd.