What is an Orphaned  Retirement Account?

The majority of people who change jobs leave their assets at their old employer. For most of these accounts, no one is really looking after them anymore. They’re orphans.

If you’ve changed jobs and orphaned your account, you’re not alone!

The typical worker will have had 7 employers by the time they retire. Current estimates peg the number at more than 15 million orphaned accounts, containing over $1 trillion! That’s a lot of money that people will assuredly need in retirement that isn’t being carefully managed.

This is where FSI comes in.

We can help get your orphaned funds consolidated and managed with our holistic, Buffett-inspired approach. Let us get it off of your to-do list!


* Available account types: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401k**, After-Tax Brokerage
* 1.00% annual management fee
* $100k minimum account size (potentially reduced with automatic contribution plan)

** Want FSI to manage your active 401k while you’re still making contributions? Learn more here.

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